Edge is a full-day, center-based program for children between the ages of 6-15 with severe Autism. This program is designed to serve children who, due to behavioral reasons and significant cognitive impairments, are unable to access standardized school or community events/activities because of the severity of their behaviors.

            One highlight of the Edge program is our peer program. Kids, who are close in age to our clients, come in to Impact and engage with our clients. Together, our peers and clients enjoy activities like playing games, eating lunch, and doing martial arts. The peer program has been invaluable for Impact with respect to improving our clients’ social skills and overall ability to interact with the community.

            Another highlight of our Edge program has been our staff’s ability to collaborate with the medical field, including some our clients’ dentists, gerontologists, and psychiatrists. This collaboration has led to a significant increase in the overall quality of care for our clients and their families.

“How many hours of practice and trials have been put into this wonderful day!!!???? So proud of Luka!! So thankful for teachers like you who are making our lives continually more manageable in the community.” Impact Parent, speaking about a tantrum free doctors appointment.
— Impact Parent