Dana Donaldson- Impact Director

Dana has been a Board Certified Behavioral Analyst since 2001 and is currently licensed in the state of Oregon. Dana received her BA in Psychology from Western Michigan and her Masters in Special Education from Columbia University. Dana loves working in the ABA field because she has the opportunity to make a difference in the lives of children and families who have been unable to find help elsewhere. In her spare time, Dana enjoys spending time with her husband and two daughters.


Myriam Sindihebura- Impact Manager

Myriam loves working at Impact because she's surrounded daily by clients that make her smile and a staff that makes her laugh. In her spare time, Myriam loves searching for new restaurants, listening to podcasts, and traveling to warm place. Something a lot of people don't know about Myriam is that she's bilingual!


Adam Johnson- Registered Behavioral Technician

Adam's favorite part about working at Impact is seeing the remarkable amount of progress his clients make. In addition, Adam loves helping clients build self-confidence and become more independent. In his free time, Adam enjoys backpacking and playing soccer. Something that a lot of people don't know about Adam is that he was able to attend a meditation retreat in India- be sure to ask him about it!

Andrew Carbungco- Registered Behavioral Technician

Andrew enjoys being at Impact because of the community and the way in which everyone plays their roles and help each other on a daily basis. Andrew loves to play the piano, snowboard, and trying/eating/cooking all of the foods. In fact, Andrew won a cooking competition when he was in college!

Charlotte Fisher- Behavioral Technician

Charlotte worked at a five-story printing press for a phone book factory while in EMT school.  Charlotte loves learning about people's different take on the world and feels honored to be a part of the community's growing process.  Charlotte likes her close-knit team at Impact and also seeing the kids gain confidence in their skills!

Erin J..jpg

Jessica Burton- Behavioral Technician

Jessica's favorite part about working for Impact is getting to work with an awesome group of kids and witnessing their hard work culminate into new skills. Some of Jessica's interests include painting, exercising, and watching Grey Anatomy. In 2016, Jessica co-wrote an after-school program for high school-aged girls through a women's nonprofit organization.   

Erika Goonan- Registered Behavior Technician

Erika loves her co-workers and finds watching her clients learn something after countless hours of hard work to be very rewarding. Outside of work, Erika enjoys studying Tae Kwon Do and spending time with her family. Erika also has a pet snake named Lucifer.

Erin James- Behavioral Technician

Erin loves being able to make a positive impact she's making with each of the kids shes works with, She also loves to see their growth and progression and being able to see so many smiling faces everyday. In her spare time, Erin enjoys camping and fishing with her family.


Hannah Blake- Behavioral Technician

Bio coming soon!

Harrison Hess- Behavioral Technician

Harrison likes working at Impact because he gets to be around such an awesome group of people every day. When he's not working, Harrison enjoys playing Pokemon videogames. Something cool about Harrison is that he used to dress up as the mascot, Buddy the Bulldog, when he attended University of Redlands.

David Gettel- Behavioral Technician

David appreciates how helpful the staff are here at Impact. He enjoyed working with people with disabilities when he lived in Michigan and wants to continue to do so as a career. David has also played semi pro soccer for a year when he lived back in Michigan!


Chantell Johnson - Behavioral Technician

Chantell likes to play volleyball, playing the piano and cooking. Chantell joined Impact to get hands on experience helping kids with autism. Chantell was drawn to ABA because she loves human behavior and loves kids! Chantell hopes to make a difference in their lives anyway possible.


Vyktoria McFarland - Behavioral Technician

Vyktoria's favorite part about Impact is the amazing group of staff and awesome kiddos, especially seeing the kids improve their skills every day.  She decided to join this field when working as a personal support worker for a child with autism as he was already receiving ABA therapy.  Vyktoria's favorite place is the beach, loves sea animals (especially turtles!), and just loves being outside in general.

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Erin Stuhldreher - Behavioral Technician

Erin’s hobbies are weightlifting, coaching volleyball and reading crime books!  Erin joined Impact because she loves working with children with special needs and wants to have a positive Impact on their lives and the lives of those around them. Erin was drawn to ABA because it’s teaching children with special needs functional skills to improve their overall quality of life.


Lauren Beane - Behavioral Technician

In Lauren’s free time, she enjoys photography, going on hikes, camping or just enjoying the outdoors. Lauren is also highly fascinated by the human brain, which is why she decided to work with people who have neurological disorders. Lauren discovered ABA when she moved to Portland after earning her bachelors in science. Lauren was drawn to Impact based on its multifaceted program and workplace support.