Our curriculum here at Impact is sectioned into three parts: communication, social skills, and behaviors. We tackle issues in each category and help our clients thrive by overcoming the hurdles that prevents them from learning.

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This Segment of a graph shows the behavior of a client we work with from when he started intervention to when he met requirements to extinguish the behavior. Aggression towards others and Self Injuries (SIB) decreased when introduced to behavioral intervention.

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Examples of how we tackle communicative behaviors include the use of Augmentative & Alternative Communication devices, or AACs, replacement behaviors, and problem solving.

We teach our clients social skills that help when they show no interest in others, or even the opposite when they entirely depend on others, and most importantly making friends.

With the Verbal and Nonverbal clientele that we serve , we introduce strategies that includes the use of augmentative and alternative communication devices (AAC devices), functional communication training, and collaborative problem solving.